SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are both aspects of digital marketing but the two go hand in hand, unfortunately most website owners don’t know how to make them work together. Let’s take a look at what each is and how to make them work for you.

What is SEO

SEO is done to improve your organic rankings and ultimately provide more traffic to your site.  To improve your rankings you will have to do keyword research, onpage SEO, make sure technical elements are in place and build some backlinks to your site.  Most websites get their traffic from search results although nowadays social media can be a pretty close second.

Content Marketing

A variety of things make up content marketing, everything from blog posts to videos and everything in between.  Regardless of the type of content that you create it is done with the intention of attracting and engaging your readers.  Content marketing is a big part of your overall SEO strategy.  Any SEO agency worth working with creates content with both Google and the end user in mind.

Quality Content for Backlinks

Link building is an important part of your SEO strategy.  When websites link back to your site it helps to drive referral traffic, it increases your authority and helps boost your rankings.  It is effectively a vote for your website.  That being said you need content that is worth linking to.  Other website won’t hesitate to link to your site if the content is good enough.

Content Centered Around Keywords

When people search for different words or phrases pertaining to your niche you want your website to show up.  That is why it is important to create content relating to your keywords.  Every site whether it is for business or a blog will have keywords that they are trying to rank for, creating content can help you to do that.  SEO will provide the keywords you are trying to rank for and your content gives you the context.

Both are an Ongoing Process

SEO is an ongoing process and you will need to keep working at if you want to maintain your rankings.  Google loves fresh content so the two work together to keep your website at the top of the search results page.  More digital marketing agencies are focusing much of their work on creating content.  Even business websites have blogs to help engage the audience and to rank for more keywords.

Content marketing and SEO both have the same goals and that is to increase the amount of traffic you get to your site.  The two can work together well to give your site better rankings and better traffic.

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